Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Importance of Kids’ Health Digestive System

As parents one of the most significant priorities is the health of your kids, there is nothing as distressing than seeing your kid going down with an illness. They will be more susceptible to illness and infections as your kids’ health digestive system is still developing. It is very important to be responsive that your kid’s immune and digestive system are not separate, but strongly linked together. If your child’s digestive system is unbalanced, then it will have an effect on the immune system and then make them more defenseless to infections.

A kids’ health digestive system will breakdown the types of food that they eat, as a result, their young bodies can absorb the necessary vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that they really need for their vitality and health. It will extract and remove waste quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, a healthy digestion can also replenish the body of your little one with proteins, with the aim of building strength and also convert carbohydrates into energy. Your kids’ digestion health will depend on the stability of bacteria in the gut. As we think about bacteria, we often relate it with germs. But do you know that you and your child’s digestive systems are home to thousands of bacteria.

Moreover, there are good bacteria and there are bad bacteria as well, and it is the latter which has to be kept under control. The good bacteria in your kids are necessary to the three major functions of kids’ health digestive system, which are absorption, digestion and elimination.  The pathogenic or bad bacteria can disrupt those digestive functions, when they are permitted to overrun the digestive tract of your child. When this happens, this can result in a broad range of symptoms, which include diarrhea.

Unfortunately, many of our children are eating foods which feed the bad bacteria and not the good one. Junk foods that are high in fat, sugar, additives, and preservatives put our kids’ health digestive system under stress. This type of diet lays the base for any future digestive issue. Junk and processed foods are very low in fiber and nutrients, which means that they offer your kid’s growing body nothing in term of essential minerals, vitamins, and digestive enzymes. What’s more, the high fat and artificial additives can irritate the lining of their belly and clog up their colon, leading to a bad skin problem, excessive gas and constipation.

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