Friday, February 8, 2013

Natural Bone Health through Workout

Most people don't know that work out has significant advantages for your bones. Your bone health is actually dependent on exercise to get to its highest potential. As our bodies mature, the bones grow not merely in size but in density as well, growing harder and stronger until we are about 30 years old. As our bones peak in strength and density, we start back down the slope, gradually losing the minerals and calcium out of the bones making them weaker. Lots of older adults, particularly women, suffer from a state called osteoporosis. This state boosts the risk of breaks and fractures that can be somewhat severe in the elderly.

Bone material is made by cells named osteoblasts through a process named ossification. Osteoblasts lay down proteins and cartilage at the bone building place. Over time, this material can mineralize with calcium making the bone health better, strong and hard. This process occurs naturally as your bones grow. However, this process can be further roused through exercise. Your muscles strengthen and develop to adjust to an increase in pressure and performance carried on by exercise. Our bones can be stimulated in similar styles with particular exercises.

Particular exercises stress the bones involved by the muscles pulling on the tendons joined to the bone, or the effect of your foot hitting the floor, or gravity pulling and squeezing your bone as it is loaded with weight. The stress forces osteoblasts into the stressed site of the bone to begin building it stronger for adjusting to the extra demand. Your bone health, just like your muscles, will just get better and stronger as an extra demand is made. It means that as your body gets used to the workout routine you are doing, you have to change your custom to place the extra demand on the muscles.

Some workouts are better than others as it comes to strengthening your bones. Impact and load bearing workouts seem to have the best positive result on your bone health. A lifestyle of workout started as you are young will decrease your risk of osteoporosis as you are older and present you the strongest bones you can have naturally. Exercise is crippled severely without a right diet however. You require the materials for the ossification process for taking place after you exercise. Vitamin D and Calcium are the two biggest nutrients that you require for naturally strong healthy bones.

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