Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hot Yoga and Their Great Flexibility

Hot yoga is a trending exercise in an area with the temperature between 40 and 41 degrees Celsius. This temperature is the same or higher than the temperature in a number of countries or cities like Mexico, India, or Miami in summer. The temperature is as steaming as sauna rooms too. The practice of the usual yoga is already related to weight loss and flexibility. Moreover, sauna bathing is always associated with burning the fats due to the heat and can help the body relax. Those combine the effects of sauna and yoga is mostly the professed advantages of doing yoga in a high temperature.

Some researches show that a 90 minute of hot yoga will be able to burn up to 1250 calories. As a result, it is just like burning half of the everyday recommended calorie intake for one day. This means, an individual who practices this type of yoga on a daily basis does not need to constrain himself from consuming his desired food just because it boasts high-calorie. Furthermore, all he need is to perform a 90 minute session and all this excess calorie intake will be beads of sweat all over the body.

Due to the high temperature of hot yoga in a room, the body is very relaxed that it can simply flex. Therefore, it is simpler for the yoga student to track the poses in yoga in the approved manner. Further, due to the flexibility, the parts of the body and the muscles where the cellulites are assembled are stretched as well resulting to a more balanced and contoured body. The hot temperature can also make the body produce more sweat and it is clinically confirmed that having a fine sweat is owning more toxins flushed out of our body.

However, some doctors have spoken that hot yoga is actually not good to the person with heart failure and hypertension and particularly to a pregnant woman. Yoga experts agree with the findings of the doctors that this type of yoga is not good to the person with heart failure and hypertension. The advantage of this yoga does not take in healing those sicknesses or any illness at all. The real benefit of doing this type of yoga exercise is that it can reduce the risk of having heart failure, hypertension, and some other sicknesses which are caused by high amount of toxins.

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